Back in town

I guess you know by now that I am back in town and really looking forward to being in our church tomorrow morning. John Pearson, Mark Coffey, and I arrived Thursday about 9 pm to the church parking lot. We really had a blessed time and I appreciate so much all that you did while I was gone to make the services a success for the Lord and a blessing to all those that came. Tony Howeth is a real blessing and I know that you enjoyed hearing him.

We had a great time in the Philippines and we will get John Pearson and Mark Coffey to take just a few minutes Sunday night to share a word of testimony about what God did on the trip.

We also have some wonderful plans to share with you about some upcoming trips and opportunities for you to take part in evangelistic and leadership training trips that we will be making. I am planning on two a year starting one year from now. Start saving your money. More information on this maybe even tomorrow afternoon in our World Evangelism Committee meeting.

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