Monday Morning from Iloilo!

God has been very good to us! Yes it is hot but we do have air conditioning in our hotel room and it works as long as we are in the room with the key in the slot. When you leave the room the lights and air are turned off and so you return to a sauna. But it cools in a while.

Last night I was blessed to be invited to preach in the pulpit of Missionary Rick Martin at the Iloilo Baptist Church. There were at least 1500 present last night. God has greatly used Brother Martin to do a tremendous work and I considered it a great honor to get to meet him and also to have the privilege of preaching in his pulpit.

Also it is great blessing to be here with missionary Keith Cullers. Brother Cullers has a ministry in Taiwan and God has greatly used him. I have also had the privilege of meeting Pastor Denny Wall from the Hico Baptist Church in Graham, North Carolina. We have enjoyed immensely having the chance to fellowship with all of these men.

I just got word that the meeting that was scheduled for 10 has been moved to 11 and then lunch and then a 2 oclock meeting for this morning session. Please pray if you read this before that God would use me for His honor and glory in the services this morning.

I haven’t heard yet what God did at the church today but I am excited and thank God for you. I understand that we had 91 in Sunday School and I will get the other numbers later.

I am very proud of each of you and thank God for the privilege of serving God with you.

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