From the Philippines

I just wanted to write all of you a note and to tell you that I am praying for you that God will give you a great day today. Right now I am not able to call and if I did it is 5 in the morning while I have already finished preaching for today and will be leaving in just a few minutes to visit another church at 6:30 pm

God really blessed our trip. All has gone off without a hitch. We arrived after traveling for about 39 hours. Everyone else is in the hotel room resting and I thought that I would sneak off and send Betty a letter to let her and everyone else know that we had arrived safely.

We will try to call maybe later this afternoon after you all get up.

We all three preached this morning and enjoyed the wonderful people of the Philippines very much. Tomorrow the conference starts. I ask you to pray and I will try to update you again tomorrow.

I am also praying for each of you that God will pour out His richest blessing on each of you.

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