Traveling to the Philippines

I want to ask each of you to be praying for us as we travel to the Philippines. Mark Coffey, John Pearson, and I will be going to Ilo Ilo to participate in a Pastor’s Conference. I should be preaching about 8 times in 4 days. I will keep you posted but I wanted to ask you now to being praying for us that we will be a blessing to about 200 pastors that are supposed to be in the conference.

We will also get to see my friend Keith Cullers who is a church planting missionary in Taiwan. He is a great man of God and has been greatly used. He serves as the Far East Field Director for Macedonia World Baptist Missions.

I look forward to hearing all the great things that God will do this week in our church. Tony Howeth will be preaching while I am gone. He is a tremendous preacher and you will enjoy it. I am praying that this Sunday we can have our best attendance for the month.

I really enjoyed preaching about Samson’s parents tonight. I understand that the message was a little tight but I think that it was needed. If you missed the service I hope you will get a cd of the service.

I will be in touch as many times as I can be to tell you what God is doing in our lives so please be checking back every day. Don’t forget to pray for us several times a day or as God brings us to your thoughts.

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