Businessmen Quote of the Day!

I do not know if you are signed up for the Businessmen Quote of the Day but if you are not you ought to sign up. Each weekday morning a quote comes to your email that just helps to remind you of the importance of serving the Lord Jesus and that that means.

Today’s quote was: “I have watched hundreds of Christians in my time become financially blessed then develop an acquisitive streak that in turn makes their souls as metallic as the coins they seek.” – Selwyn Hughes

What a powerful quote. If you are interested in receiving the quote of the day simply send an email to or call the church office and give us your email address. We will be glad to add you to the free email quote of the day.

Be sure and visit for more information!

I am excited to know that God is raising up a generation of men and women who are being blessed in business but know that and use those blessings to further the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ!

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