Wonderful Day today!

God truly blessed today. It was just one of those very special Sundays that God gave us! I am so thankful to Him for what He is doing in our church. Today was friend day at the park. God blessed the time together at the park and I understand that though I couldn’t be there that everyone had a great time. I was glad to hear that the old men beat the young men at soccer if I am not mistaken. I wasn’t there but I sure was glad to hear Larry say how well it had gone for our old timer team (really not near as old as me)!

Also God gave us some very special visitors today to our church as well as sending us some special missionaries. The David Bennet family was with us! They are missionaries with Silent Word International. They reach out to the deaf all over the world and we are so glad to know that God has men who are dedicated to this effort.

We also had two of our own missionaries with us. Aldo Asto is a missionary from our ministry in Peru who is now working in Santiago, Chile. It was great to have him with us. Betty and I have known Aldo for over 15 years. He did a great job in the Spanish church as well as in the evening service.

Joe Kotvas is a missionary to the deaf working in Lima, Peru. He is a tremendous man of God and being greatly used of God to get people involved in deaf work all over the world. Joe is one of the most dynamic and exciting men of God you could ever be around. Tonight we had our service together with the Spanish church and translated it all. It was wonderful. There was an electricity in the service. It was wonderful and if you missed it plan now to be with us next month when we will have a joint translated service again.

I thank God that He has given us men and women from many different cultural backgrounds. It is wonderful to meet together to serve, honor, and worship God. In the service this evening Joe translated as Aldo gave his testimony and then also as Manuel Carceres preached. Manuel is a missionary to the deaf in training in Lima with Joe. He preached a very powerful and wonderful message. Manuel is from Argentina and will be returning to Argentina to start a ministry very similar to what Joe is doing in Lima.

God truly blessed tonight as we had the service being preached in 3 languages; English, Spanish, and Deaf sign language. I know God must be happy as He sees all of us together worshiping Him and striving to learn how to serve Him better.

One last thing that was wonderful about today. We met the budget and then some. I am so thankful to God for how He has met our financial needs and given us over $100,000 to give away to world evangelism but we have been having lower than usual offerings but God really move through you today and it was just an extra blessing and icing on the cake for a wonderful God blessed day.

Can I tell you that I am honored by God to serve Him with you in a wonderful church. Thank you for the privilege. It was really a blessing tonight to have Aldo tell me how wonderful you all were today. He spoke of how wonderful the Spanish speakers were but also how wonderful those who spoke English were as they tried to speak in Spanish and were so friendly and kind. God bless you very much.

Pray for next Sunday. I know that God is going to work in a very special way through the message on the Antichrist! Plan now to invite your friends and family for the last message in this series on the End Times.

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  1. The Sunday Business Seminar focused on “liabilities.” You will find this topic on the BCWE Business Review blog soon. Find out what three major areas of your life are affected by “choices made today that require a future settlement.” We had a visitor and good friend of mine, Mr. Mike Ayers that joined us. It was good to see the halls full. My favorite service of the day was the evening multi-national and bilingual service. I am thankful for a church and a pastor that have a vision and love for the world.

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