Vision Month Announcement

The following is what I am sharing today as we talk about the vision for our church. To be the church that we should be we must be a training church! I hope you enjoy this and if you have any questions feel free to get in touch with me!

We envision a training church.

∑ We envision a church that practices true “life on life” discipleship that will take the new believer from the new birth to full maturity in Jesus Christ – where every person is either discipling or being discipled. This will be accomplished through the use of Bible study, Small groups, Sunday School, Seminars, Retreats and the Our Generation Training Center.

∑ The Our Generation Training Center will be used to train our church members as they grow in their ministries, pastors as they start churches and missionaries going to the foreign field. It will also be available to train those who are not members of Vision Baptist Church.

∑ Our church will be a world evangelism church. We will use the world evangelism committee to involve everyone in the ministry of reaching lost souls from here to the ends of the world. Every ministry will be built around the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission

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