Special prayer request!

Our son in law, Julio Soncco, is in the ICU of a Peruvian hospital right now! His heart beat is racing up to 140 beats a minute and then stopping for as long as 2 seconds. He has had heart problems now for quite some time. He will likely need a pace maker. They had thought he need the operation earlier but he has been able to dodge the bullet until today!

Thank God some of the money that was given from before was left over and he is now spending that. They still had just over $1,000 designated to their heart fund. That will be gone in a couple of days. Please pray that the doctors will have wisdom and that Julio will be stable until the insurance kicks in within the next couple of months and until the doctor has run all the tests he needs to run. I will inform you of what is happening but ask you to be in prayer for them now. Julio is married to our daughter Joy and they have two children, Benjamin and Lelia.

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  1. Dear Austin,

    I pray this finds you well. I was sorry to hear about your son in law. Is there any word about what is happening regarding his medical care? I’m sure it must be tough on Joy, as well as the children. Remind us to them and know that they are in our prayers.

    In Christian Love,


  2. Thaddeus

    Thank you so much for your prayers and concern. Julio is in definite need of prayer. He has several problems with his heart. He is only 24 years old and will need a pace maker for the rest of his life. He also is going to need several other things done to his heart. The problem is that he doesn’t have medical insurance. They have signed up for the Peruvian Socialized medicine and paid but have to wait at least until May 3rd to get the benefits.

    His heart seems to have calmed down for now and they are praying that they will be able to wait because the cost is quite prohibitive unless they have insurance.

    Even the pace maker that they are going to put in is the cheapest model and the doctor told them that they need to try to raise about $7,000 and go ahead and get the two chamber model which is more expensive but much better and the Peruvian hospital will not put it in unless they pay cash for it even though they will be insured.

    Thanks for your prayers. I am going to tell Joy to about your post and I know that they will greatly appreciate your prayers.

    God bless


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