Cold, wet, and windy weather!

Well today was an unusual day in Alpharetta, weather wise. The high was the early morning temperature and the wind made the 40 degree weather seem much colder than it was. I was concerned for the Sunday School attendance but God blessed with 96 in attendance and 103 for the Worship Service. God was truly good to us! Several were out of our regular church people but God sent others from as far away as Connecticut!

Tonight we will be having the Lord’s supper and so are looking forward to a very special evening. I hope that you will pray that God work in our services!

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  1. Joe and Rhonda Gibby opened their home today for the second class meeting of the bridgebuilder’s Sunday Business Seminar. I will be posting the lesson on the BCWE Business Review. It was on Positions of Trust. The trust formula, Truth + Time = Trust. We had a great time in class this morning with 18 in attendance and a wonderful time at Joe and Rhonda’s.

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