What is happening at Vision!

We are just about to finish up our first ever couples retreat and we have been blessed and challenged. I thank God for Tony Howeth and how God used him to touch my life and to cause me to make some decisions to strengthen my marriage. I thank God for the testimonies some that are here about how God has used this time in a special way. I have really enjoyed getting to preach and teach and spend time with the most wonderful people in the world.

Someone recently asked me how God was blessing all the new things that we are doing at Vision and I was humored to think that they have no idea what is happening. I guess the only new things that I can think of that we do at Vision is to try and reach all kinds of people from all social levels, cultures, and nations. I am excited when I see God giving us new and different people and I guess that is new.

As to the other new things I guess it would just be that we have studied the Bible verse by verse. In just over a year we have gone through I Timothy, Philippians, James, Joshua, and are now in Judges.

It could be thought to be new that we are discipling all the people that we can, putting everyone that we can into the ministry, radically trying to support missions, building our church around the great commission, but I have no idea what other new things that we are doing.

I just know that I am excited to be part of a church like Vision. I am glad to see all that each of you are doing. I am thankful for the chance to serve God with you. I look forward to seeing each of you tomorrow in the services and hope that each of you will work hard to bring new people to the services.

Tomorrow afternoon we will have a meeting of the World Evangelism Committee. I do hope that you will plan on being there and not missing this very wonderful time together.

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