It’s a cold Easter morning but I am excited to see what God is going to do!

I was just finishing my Bible reading and thinking how much we must depend on the Lord. The growth of our church, the numbers attending, the offerings given, the souls saved are in His hand. We can do all the work we want but we must wait on Him to move. I am asking you to pray for me. I am asking you to have a broken heart for souls. I know that I am totally unworthy of my salvation and I am as well unworthy of the privilege of serving God with you as pastor.

I am looking for God to do great things. I am trusting Him to build a place for His name at Vision. I ask you to pray for me. I ask you to be expectant of the great things that our God is going to do.

Today I will share with you a very small part of our vision from God this year for our church. I will do so little by little each Sunday morning.

God is so good to allow me to be in the ministry and serving Him here in Alpharetta. I hope you will attend the services expecting to see God move. It is His work and His church and so we will just trust Him.

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