A wonderful Easter Sunday!

God truly blessed us greatly today. We had 91 in Sunday School, 118 in the morning service and then 90 for the evening service. The message was the Future of the Believer continued from the morning to the evening service. I think that God truly blessed and worked in hearts.

Also this is Vision month and so I began sharing our vision for the church between now and 2020 so let me give you the words that I read of our vision this morning:

Involve everyone in meaningful ministry serving others

Build strong men of character that can lead their homes, love their wives, love their children, and be a servant to their community and to the world

Bring the Word of God alive in hearts and lives that haven’t seen its importance

Give good news, a fresh start to any who will accept His forgiveness and power

Train men and women from the Bible how to make a difference and leave a lasting impact on the world.

I will share more of our vision this next Sunday and hope that you will plan on being there. This next Sunday will be Absentee Sunday and we are looking to have everyone from our Sunday School to be in their place. Help us reach all the people that we can with the gospel message.

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  1. I was really challenged today by the comments about a “man-lead” church. It is serious responsibility and really calls for above average committment. It was a courageous comment to make also. I trust that all the men will step up to the plate.

    We had a great session of the Sunday Business Seminar today. Some of the best class imput yet. Next week we have our Sunday School class meeting at Joe and Rhonda’s. We are looking forward to stepping it up.

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