Easter Sunday coming up!

I am so excited about our service tomorrow. I have been in the Word of God all day again. I have loved it. We will be in the same message both morning and evening. The title of the message is The Future of the Believer. We will consider the resurrection of Jesus Christ as the foundation for all that we do and teach. We see its implications on our life now–as to how we got saved and then we will see how it guarantees us life after death and the RAPTURE.

Did you know that God is coming after his people? Did you know that not one sign or thing has to happen before He comes? It could be at any moment at the twinkling of an eye. There is more to cover in tomorrow’s message than I could ever get to. It is wonderful to see the Word of God and how perfect it is and how the more you study it the more you want to study it and so on. Don’t you miss tomorrow. Invite someone to come and be with us.

Also for those of you that are young couples we will be meeting in my office as usual at 9:30 AM. Tomorrow we are going to learn one simple basic that principle that if each of us follow will make our marriage so much better. Come and bring a friend. The Word of God has more for us than we will ever be able to get out of it in our lifetimes but we are going to have fun tomorrow trying. See you at 9:30.

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