How much are you willing to risk?

I just got the following in an email from one of the young ladies of our church. What a thought! What a quote! I hope you will read it and apply it this very week! Thank you so much for the letter and all the emails that each of you send me.

I spoke with my brother this morning (he is a firefighter) about a very dangerous and deadly fire he had worked last night. I asked him how it felt driving to a scene knowing that he would soon be risking his life to save someone he didn’t even know. He told me that his station has a quote, (and I almost jumped out of my skin when he told me) that is “Risk a lot to save a lot, risk a little to save a little, risk nothing to save nothing” He said the ones who are willing to risk a lot to save a lot, are the ones who will make the difference. Its a very elementary thought, but if we would only take the “firefighter quote” and make it our own, can you imagine the impact that could be made. He also said, it was their job to do all that they could, no matter the cost, and no matter how difficult the job may be…”its just what we do, no second thoughts, you don’t have time to think about being afraid” he said. I felt like he was preaching to me, and what great truths he gave. I never would have thought that my firefighter brother could present a plan, so similar to the plan God has for me. It just stirred my heart this morning, and thought I’d share it with you! Have a great day!

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