The utilitarian god!?

That is the term that A. W. Tozer gave to the god who can be used for our own ends! Suppose we want happiness and success. How shall we get them? This god is waiting in the wings to give them to us. Let us find just the right formula for approaching him and we may have our heart’s desire!

Here is a god worth knowing for what he does, or more specifically, for what he gives. There is no need to look behind this god’s gifts. Men do not care particularly what he is like anymore than they care to know the character of the clerk that they speak to on their telephone. If he can do the errand that needs to be done, that is all that they ask. His personal traits are his own business. Let him be what he pleases.

Now we must renounce renounce this god once and for all. I do not mean, of course, that any true Christian has followed the utilitarian god.

taken from

A Vision for Missions by Tom Wells pages 28-29

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