Will you?

Easter Sunday is coming! Though we celebrate the resurrection every Sunday morning the majority of the world sets aside this Sunday to remember His resurrection. What I wanted to ask you is if you would be praying about who God would have you to invite to the service with you this Sunday morning. I hope you will bring them for Sunday School at 9:30 AM.

I know that you want to make a difference in the lives of your friends. The only real help that we can be is to get them to Jesus Christ who can truly forgive them and give them new life. Will you begin praying right now for them that they could come to a realization of their need for salvation and the abundant life that is only found in knowing Jesus Christ as their personal savior? You can make a difference. Just plan now to invite several, pray for them, and bring them with you.

God will do great things this Sunday as we celebrate the gospel of Jesus Christ, that God himself would come to this earth, become a man, live a sinless life, die on a cross in our place, be buried, rise from the dead with victory over death and sin. Now we have the promise that if He could overcome death and the grave that He who has saved us will return for us and take us to a place that He has prepared! Wow! Praise the Lord! Come celebrate this and bring your friends and loved ones! Let’s make this the greatest Sunday we have ever had!

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  1. We must do our utmost while we are here to bring men to Christ, to win them from their evil ways, to bring them to eternal, and to make them, with us, citizens of another and better land. We are simply passing through this earth, and should bless it in our transport but never yoke ourselves to its affairs.

    Christians, as men, love liberty and are not willing to lose it even in the lower sense; but spiritually, their politics are spiritual, and as citizens they look to the interest of that Divine republic to which they belong, and they wait for the time when, having patiently borne with the laws of the land of their banishment, they shall come under the beneficent sway of Him Who reigns in glory, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. If it be possible, as much as it lies in you, live peaceably with all men and serve your day and your generation still, but build not your soul’s dwelling place here, for all this earth must be destroyed at the coming of the fiery day.

    Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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