Missionary Terry Anderson home with the Lord!


Missionary Terry Anderson was a church planting missionary in Haiti for over 23 years with his wife, Connie! The Andersons were missionaries with Macedonia World Baptist Missions since February of 1984. They both loved and love the Haitian people very deeply. When others left Haiti due to all the trouble the Andersons stayed the course. They started churches, had an orphanage for the many children that were made fatherless by all the conflicts, and genuinely loved the people.

Terry was 64 years old. He had just preached a funeral in Haiti as I understand it and was walking down the path on his way back home when the Lord took him. His wife, Connie, was in the states making some purchases. This all happened on April 4, 2007. I want to ask all of you from our church to pray for them and I would like to take an offering to send Mrs. Anderson to tell her that we love her and are praying for her.

I did some research just so you could know what kind of man Terry Anderson was and thought I would give you the following quotes and links to give you some insight into the type of man he was:

Here is an excerpt telling of the love they had and have for the Haitian children:

Haitian orphans need our help

The world around us can be very harsh and unforgiving. That is quite true in the country of Haiti, the poorest state in the western hemisphere. Hygiene and medical care is very poor and the power of witchcraft and voodoo is very strong. The majority of babies die due to illnesses, poor hygiene, and witchcraft. Many mothers die in childbirth from bacterial infections, no medical care, even poisoning. The babies that do live are sometimes abandoned and left at the doorsteps of missionaries.

I had the privilege to meet two of these missionaries and hear their stories. The odds that they work against are too gruesome to share here, but the good news is that they have been able to save 30 babies and find them homes in the states. These children are now healthy and happy and are being taught that there is a God that loves them.

Terry and Connie Anderson have cared for six children, one of which is now their adopted daughter. Connie told me how they live on top of a mountain (quite cold, believe it or not) and the high humidity rots everything. She filled 6 clotheslines every morning with diapers and did her best with plastic pants because she knew of nothing else. She was so excited when I told her about wool. What a blessing, if we could work together to get her proper supplies for when these little babies are sent her way. Right now she has 5 babies in diapers and will soon be receiving a box of diapering goodies.

In memo from the US Department of State the Andersons are mentioned as hostages: US Department of State Daily Press Briefing #170, Monday, 11/18/91

We’re pleased with the news of the release of two
hostages. At the same time, we would like to repeat our call
for the immediate, safe and unconditional release of the
hostages and a full accounting for all those who may have died
in captivity, including the return of the remains.

There are three other Americans — Terry Anderson,
Alann Steen and Joseph Cicippio, and two other Germans, who are
still being held. And, of course, they remain in our thoughts.

From Mark A. Laughlin we find the following

An indicator of just how false the pre-occupation press coverage and finished political intelligence was occurred in mid-August. United States Ambassador to Haiti, William Swing invited expatriate Americans living in Haiti to the embassy for a meeting to discuss their views on the impending United States invasion to restore Aristide. Mr. Terry Anderson, an Independent Baptist missionary who has lived in Haiti for over 10 years and who was present at Swing’s meeting told one of our observers that the meeting was a farce.

“Everybody present,” recounted Anderson, “emphatically opposed both the invasion and bringing back Aristide.” “For over an hour,” he continued, “we told him about Aristide’s past, his lunatic ravings, his communist connections, and the necklacing on his political opponents, on his orders, by his followers. We told him that since the coup no American had been threatened, but when Aristide was president it wasn’t safe to walk the streets at night. We told him of Aristide’s hatred of the United States and even showed him transcripts of his speeches where he calls the United States a ‘demon’ nation. Swing never responded to anything we tried to tell him. He ended the meeting without comment.”

God greatly used Terry Anderson. He will be buried in Haiti and his wife, Connie, plans to continue the ministry there! I have always been impressed by their love for the Lord, the people, the work, and their humility in serving God. Don’t forget to pray for the Anderson family as they also have 3 children (Michael, Amy, and Chris and also one adopted (legally) Haitian child, Sandrine living in the states also.

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