Welcome new members Jared and Jessica McKinnon!

We are so excited that God has given us a wonderful new couple as members of Vision Baptist Church. Jared and Jessica joined the church today making this a blessed day. Our attendance was only 74 in Sunday School and 84 for church today but I got a call today from Peru and Chris said that they had had 434 which was a record attendance for them. I thank God for the work that He is doing in our church as well as in Peru.

Don’t forget to pray for our services on Easter Sunday and to be inviting people all week to come and be part of what God is doing. Today we saw the story of the Good Samaritan and next Sunday we will start a series on the Last Days! I will preach Sunday on the Resurrection and the Rapture. I really believe you will be interested to see what the Scriptures say about the Rapture or Snatching away of the church!

2 thoughts on “Welcome new members Jared and Jessica McKinnon!”

  1. Welcome Jared and Jessica! We had a good meeting with the associates in the Sunday Business Seminar. Larry Hess filled in for the vacationing David Lundy with the business quote and Bible verse of the day. We rolled out the new weekly flyer with our Mark Tolson designed logo. Rhonda Gibby gave it a thumbs up. I presented corporations and the church and how the Holy Spirit assembles churches with incredible people to accomplish His mission. We had 14 in class and several on vacation for spring break.

  2. We will have to send Chris a structural engineer to inspect the walls on the Faith Baptist Church in Arequipa. They have to be bulging out into the street. We are praying for you on your path to 500. We are convinced! How about some pictures?

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