Special prayer for Jeff Bush

Today Jeff will take his church to meet for the first time in the rented facilities of the Salvation Army. They will not be able to have all the Sunday School classes that they have had now for the last 3 years. They will be in a new building, every thing is going to feel strange. They will not be meeting in their building or on their land and they need your prayers.

Also he has had to deal with some internal problems that take place in churches as you well know can happen from time to time. It is an attack of the devil but Jeff needs your prayer today and so I ask you to be praying for him and his ministry today. I will give you a report on what God does today this evening after it is all over. Just lift his hands in prayer if you would. I know that in my own life I am challenged many times and Satan plays his mind games. I need help in prayer and so I ask you to be praying.

You can learn more about Jeff and Mindy Bush’s ministry at reachingall.com

Don’t forget to pray for your church today and all that God desires to do for His honor and glory.

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