Should you go as a missionary?

The thing is to go on to some that can be molded and moved, and I would say to such, “Dear friends, you sometimes say, ‘ Will the heathen be saved if we do not send the missionaries?’” I will ask you another question, “Will you be saved if you do not send out any missionaries?” — because I have very dreadful doubts about whether you will. Do not smile. The man that does nothing for his Master, will he be saved? The man that never cares about the perishing heathen, is he saved? Is he like Christ? If he be not like Christ, and have not the spirit of Christ then he is none of his. “Well,” says a young man, “I have been arguing with myself whether I should go.” I will tell you another thing to argue. Take it for granted that you ought to go unless you can prove that you should not. Every Christian man is bound to give himself to the Master’s work in that department which most needs him, and that is foreign missions, unless he can prove to his own satisfaction that he ought not, and that he has not the gift. I wish that could be learned by our men. You want a call to the ministry. I believe that is right, but those who can speak well ought rather to try and show that they are not bound to preach, and if they can show that they are excused; but they ought to go through that process first. You are bound, brother, unless you can show that God in his providence has utterly prevented you.

A quote from a Sermon by Charles Spurgeon in “Speeches at Home and Abroad” pages 124-125

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