April Fool’s Day

This Sunday will be April 1. As a child we celebrated April Fool’s Day on April the first and people would say and do things to trick people all in good fun. We would say that your tire was flat or that your boy friend or girl friend had left you for another or who knows what all. It was just a day to have fun and joke with others.

The sad thing is that most days are fool’s days because most of the world has been deceived into believing that there is a way to be right with God without repenting of their sins and placing their trust in Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Satan has set up religions all over the world to get people away from their relationship with Jesus Christ. This includes the Christian religion that gives a false sense of security to many by telling them that by being good, baptized, or taking communion that they will be ok. Fooled! Tricked! Deceived!

This Sunday we will look at the Good Samaritan who represents Jesus Christ and the only one that makes a difference in the life of a person. Religions and morality walk on by the person that is hurting and dying or they stop to offer a very temporary help that will not make a lasting, life long, eternal difference. I hope that you will invite your friends to come and be with us this Sunday and learn about how God through Jesus Christ meets every person where they are with the help that they need.

Also I hope you will come prepared to learn how you can be used of God to meet the needs of others and not to be simply walking on by. God wants to use your life.

Don’t let the Devil win on this April Fool’s Day. Invite your friends, pray, come early, and let’s see God do a great work for His honor and glory. I look forward to seeing you and meeting your friends this Sunday.

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