World Vision Celebration!

God gave us a wonderful week and it ended with a bang at our World Vision Celebration Banquet tonight. The service and meal went from 6:45 pm to 9:10. God really moved and many spoke of how wonderfully God had touched hearts and showed them the need for world evangelism. We are still praying to see what God will do through our people and their faith promise offerings. There were 103 with us for the service.

I am excited about how God is working in our church. I hope that you will keep up with our missionaries all year long. Let us never allow missions to become just a program that we have in our church. As we discuss in the World Evangelism Committee it is hub of the wheel not just one of the spokes.

We will wait a couple of months to see how the faith promise offerings come in before we decide what we can do with the new faith promise. I hope that each of you understood that your faith promise is always in addition to your tithe and offerings not something you reallocate from what you already give.

The light that shines the furtherest always shines the brightest at home. We must take care of our church because it is here that we win new people to Christ and train them and others to take the gospel to the world. It is exciting to be part of a church that is doing all in its power to get the gospel to the world.

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