Meet Hugh Watson!

1. How has your philosophy of ministry and whatever you do evolved?

All my adult life Corporate America taught me to “look out for number one”, “you can do anything you put your mind to,” “visualize it and it will happen” and other such platitudes. The god of this age is SELF; better house; better job; better looking; better educated; etc. God has taught me that it’s not about me it’s about HIM. My desire is to find out how HE can use me to glorify HIM.

2. What does an effective missions ministry look like in a Bible preaching, Christ honoring church?

I’ve been in far eastern nations and have seen what real poverty is all about. The poorest American is rich by the rest of the world’s standards. Missions is not just an extra dollar in the offering plate, it’s an attitude of service. I can’t go but I sure can help someone who can. I can care about the missionary family, give them someone they can call upon, remember their special holidays, learn all about their ministry, and help in whatever way I can, not just financial. Missions is an attitude of service not just a week in the annual church program, Vision Baptist is unique in that way.

3. How do you inspire others to see themselves as ministers or servants of the Lord?

The not so obvious way to inspire others is to show the workings of the LORD in your life. Anyone can rejoice when things go great but it takes the love of the LORD to rejoice and worship HIM when things aren’t going so hot. Search the Bible and you’ll find GOD’s man usually went through some trying times before he got blessed. The martyrs astounded their persecutors in praising GOD in the midst of their trials. How we go through tough times is the best testimony I can think of to influence others to follow Christ.

4. What most excites you about your ministry?

Excitement comes from seeing HIM work in my life and knowing others can see it’s not coincidence or ‘luck’ or human effort. I want to be used and, if necessary, used up to show others just how good HE really is.

Hugh Watson
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