End of the month update!

Well we are coming to the end of the month and the end of the quarter so I thought you might like to know how God has been blessing.

In the month of March we have had the following average attendances: Sunday School 101, AM Service 128, PM Service 76. God is slowly but surely growing His church. I ask you to pray as we go in to our Over the Top Sunday School Contest where we are literally going to try and double our average up to date. This Sunday will be B 1 of 101 and I hope you will be in Sunday School on time and with a friend present.

This first quarter of the year we have have averaged 91 in Sunday School, 119 in the AM service and 80 on Sunday evening. God is blessing and that is not too bad for a church that is just over a year old. Our averages for the past 10 months have been 75 in Sunday School, 97 in the AM service and 62 in the PM Service. That is a much truer average simply because it takes into account the long term and also the ups and downs.

Thank you for praying so hard, giving, and inviting people to our church.

Also in the time since we have started the church we have preached verse by verse through the Bible and have completed I Timothy, Philippians, Joshua, James, and now we are getting close to half through the book of Judges. God has done great things. I believe God’s people are hungry to hear the preaching of the Word of God. Thank you for all you do.

I hope to see you tonight and tomorrow night at the mission’s conference and then Sunday morning for Sunday School and Church. God has a place for you to learn, to serve, and to glorify Him and that place is here at Vision Baptist Church.

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