World Vision Celebration!

God has truly blessed us in our World Vision Celebration. We started on Sunday night and studied the Word of God to understand our responsibility as a local church to get the gospel message to the entire world. Then on Monday night we were blessed with a visit from Pastor Charles Blackstock and 3 young men that have trained in the BCWE program and are missionaries in training under his ministry. We heard testimonies from Aaron Vance, David Gates, and Will Hill. It was a tremendous blessing and then Trent Cornwell brought the message of the evening.

Tonight we had the privilege of having Brian McClain and his family with us. He did a great job telling us of his ministry to Thailand. Then Tony Howeth preached one of the best mission’s messages that I have ever heard.

I asked John Pearson to get the information on how much our church is giving to missions and thought you might want to praise God with me. Since our first services we have now given $147,605 and in 2006 our church gave $111,924. God has truly blessed us but I must admit that my goal is that our church give $1,000,000 a year to world evangelism. I hope you will pray with me that God will allow us to see that happen very soon.

I challenge you to be with us tomorrow night and then for the final night on Thursday evening when we have our International Supper. I also ask you to pray about exactly how much God would have you to be giving each week or month to his cause of World Evangelism. You can make a difference with your giving, your praying, and your going to tell others. Get involved in all three.

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