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Please update the prayer list:
The doctor just left our house to check me and Joe out since I was continuing so much pain. He looked at my xrays which showed a broken rib the doctor in Praia missed. That is the reason for the pain and inflamation and also problem with breathing. It is clearly seen in the xray that it is broken all the way, a clean break, not puncturing anything else but broken. it is the fourth rib down on the right side. Joe is having some inflamation as well in his throat due to the vomiting of so much blood after the wreck. This doctor is a Cuban doctor and very good, he has us on antibiotics and pain meds. He was surprised to learn that Joe was not on any antibiotics at all from the doctor in Praia. And, also surprised at the xrays showing a clear broken rib. Please keep us in your prayers,
Love always, Joe, Lisa and Corey

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  1. the following letter just came and so I wanted to keep you up to date.

    Hello Bro. Austin & Mrs. Betty!

    Thanks so much for your prayers and the internet info.on your church website. We have been blessed by so many friends who have expressed their care and concern and lifting us up in prayer. We are healing day by day but this broken ribs deal will take some time, just hurts like crazy! There are bruises covering my body, I find a new one each day. Joe will get his stitches out tonight at the hospital near our home by our new doctor, he is great and seems to know more what he is doing than the other one we were seeing in Praia. Corey seems to be doing well after getting past the initial shock. He was the one who turned me over after the accident and saw my face and clothes covered with blood and I was unconscious. He was very strong though, I was proud of him. Joe was also passed out so he had to be strong, I think the adrenaline pumped him up. I busted my nose and it was pouring blood. It is also still very sore. We will be in GA in May for Corey to graduate from High School so wont be long now before we can see our family, it is killing my mama since she cant come over here. She doesn’t even have a passport, after this, she and Joes mama both said they needed to get one.

    Well, I must go for now but many many thanks for your love and prayers for our family. We will continue to keep in touch and if we make it to Cummings, we would love to see you all!

    Love and Prayers, Lisa

    The Welch Family (Joe, Lisa and Corey)
    “Serving Our Savior With The Preach Team”
    The Welch Family mailing address
    and contact information in Africa:
    phone number: 011 238 269 1457

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