Just praising the Lord!

Well it has been a wonderful day again! God blessed this morning giving us 99 in Sunday School and 116 in church. We actually ended the month with an average of just over 100 in Sunday School. Thank you for working so hard to reach people with the gospel message and to get them involved in Bible study.

Not only did he give us great day at Vision but our missionary Chris Gardner called and told us that God gave them 410 people this morning at the Faith Baptist Church in Arequipa, Peru. I also just got an email from Miguel Murillo at the Hunter church (our first church in Peru) and they had 465 between the two churches that he pastors.

Then this afternoon we had our World Evangelism Committee meeting and God blessed as we learned all that God has for us as a church and everyone took different responsibilities to reach more people with the gospel both here and around the world. We are going to give more than we have ever given before. We are going to train more people and go personally more than we have ever done before.

Then tonight we started our World Vision Celebration (missions conference) and had reports from our different missionaries and looked over our Biblical responsibility to get the gospel message of Jesus Christ to the world. We desire what our Lord desires and that is that the name of the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified all over this world.

3 thoughts on “Just praising the Lord!”

  1. Amen! The Lord has given us a great day. We had 7 in the ABF and a good time with the class. They were asking alot of questions about Jesus dieing for our sins. Someone learned how to pray out loud for the very first time. What a GOOD GOD we have!

  2. The Bridge Builders Sunday Business Seminar continues with our study of corporations and the church. A corporation starts as the vision of one man and grows into a world wide, multi-site organization that exists for one purpose. Sounds familiar. Check out the Business Review for more.

  3. We had a great day in our student ministries class! We are in a series called “The Story of His Glory” to go along with our missions conference. We look forward to starting a new class next week for our Jr. High students led by Chris and Kathy Fies!

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