God is saving souls in South Africa!

What wonderful news from Kevin Hall in South Africa. God is greatly using him. I want you to read a fantastic email that just came in. This is one of your missionaries. God has added fruit to your account today. As you know God is using your faith promise offerings to get the gospel to this part of the world.

This week I hope you will pray about exactly how much God wants you to give through your church to Faith Promise offerings. God will use your offerings to change lives just like you are about to see in this letter. Be a channel of blessings

We passed out 1,000 flyers this week testing the waters I guess you would say. Four visitors showed up and two got saved!!!

It was really encouraging to see God use my less than adequate Xhosa to get the Gospel to these ladies before it was too late. I was really beginning to wonder if my messages, and ability in the language were even good enough for God to be able to use. Amanda Sikuni (early twenties) and Nomphiwe (early teens) were lead to Christ in the invitation by Sipho Bonga. It was like a shot of adrenaline!!! I have preached the law, grace, and hell to try to make it clear and then this week my message had the Gospel in it but the majority of it was for the Christian. There is no doubt about who gets the credit here. God has full rights to any accomplishments at Madiba Bay because I am using borrowed talents. The messages are very simple and God is just simply amazing when you think about what He used to accomplish His work. Unbelievable!!!

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  1. Kevin; I am thinking that some pictures are in order here. We would love to plaster a wall with them. Sounds like Xhosa plus gospel is a good formula. Even when its less than adequate Xhosa. God bless you real good brother.


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