Pray for Jeff and Mindy Bush

Click here to read the great things that God has planned for the church in La Plata, Argentina. Now let me say to you that they need your prayer because when the Lord opens the windows of Heaven to bless you often times it appears that Satan is opening the gates of Hell to blast you. Pray for the Bushs today!

2 thoughts on “Pray for Jeff and Mindy Bush”

  1. Two things stood out in my mind on the day we moved Vision accross to the new building. First, i saw how God had given us faithful and hardworking people. There were plenty of hands to do the work. Ninty percent of the move happened that first day. A big difference from the day we moved in and set up the first church. Secondly, how much stuff we had to move. The multiplication of things made me realize how much God had given us. I would love to read your post-move thoughts Jeff. We rejoice with you today over the souls saved and those that have participated in classes to become members. God is good.



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