Great week coming up!

Tomorrow we get to have our World Evangelism Committee meeting and it is going to be wonderful. You will be learning more and more about what God would have us as a church to do to get the gospel to the world. I really can’t wait to see how blessed and excited you are going to be with the lessons that we have prepared for tomorrow.

We will meet from 1:30 to 4:30 in the afternoon. I don’t know if there is another church like you that would be so excited about world evangelism that you would give up your afternoon to talk about something like getting the good news of Jesus Christ to the world but that is exactly what kind of people you are. I love you and thank you for your heart!

This week we are also in our mission’s conference. The World Vision Celebration is one of my favorite times of the year. We want everyone to do their part in getting the gospel message to the world. I have two great messages on just this idea for tomorrow. We will see how a lost man in Hell had more compassion than many Christians do, we will ask ourselves questions tomorrow evening to see if we really want to obey God in His cause of getting the gospel to the world. I hope you will not miss either one.

I thank you for caring so much for people. I thank you more than that for your heart for God and the things of God. He cares about souls and so must we. I challenge you to let this coming week be something very special in your life.

Find out just where God would have you fit into His cause of world evangelism. I am excited about what our God is going to do tomorrow.

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