Meet Elizabeth Watson

1. How has your philosophy of ministry and whatever you do evolved?

I don’t think of the world serving my needs anymore, but how I can serve others and God to the fullest extent that He wants me to.

2. What does an effective missions ministry look like in a Bible preaching, Christ honoring church?

It is not only a church that gives to missionary work, but gives of itself. Caring physically and spiritually for the missionaries, going on missionary trips, awakening people to the fact that the world does not just revolve around them and their lives, but others, all over the world.

3. How do you inspire others to see themselves as ministers or servants of the Lord?

I try to show a Godly character so that they will see what a Christian should be like. I try to encourage them to shoot for a high goal in their Christian walk. I push people to go a step farther (and then another, and then another). I am much excited about the Lord and all he does when I am witnessing for him, so that others will be too.

4. What most excites you about your ministry?

Realizing the impact on eternity that I can have in seeing souls saved. Molding and shaping the young minds into loving God. Seeing them learn Bible verses. Seeing the light go on when they have caught the idea of what you are trying to teach them.Showing that God is faithful in the good times and in the bad. Realizing how much these children need Gods love and attention, which I can give them. Excitement for the Lord catches fire.

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