More great news from Morocco

hello men,

My heart is pretty full so I wanted to share this with you guys just so
you understand.

Sunday Ali accepted Christ. Tonight we had our first service with him.
There was only 6 of us present. We taught him how to sing three songs in
Arabic. One of them was “How great thou art”. There is no joy like
watching a new baby in Christ learn to sing to his Savior. We sang it in
Arabic, Spanish, and English. A friend who is a believer here led a Bible
study on the Word of God in Arabic. We then prayed together and I gave a
very short message one the new life with Christ in Arabic! It wasn’t good
but it was my first. Probably lasted a total of 5 minutes.

It is amazing to watch God’s Word work the exact same way in the heart of
a North Africa as I have seen it work in the heart of South Americans and
Americans. He had the same questions before accepting Christ. “How do I
know I’ll always be saved, no matter what I do.” I remember hearing that
question from bus kids when I was 15. We need a renewed belief that God
can do ANYTHING ANYWHERE! This is the beginning. We are sure that there
will be great things done by a great God. “How Great thou art!”

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