Many turning to Christ in North Africa

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Since we have friends working in that part of the world I thought you might enjoy reading this:

North Africa (MNN) — The increase in terrorist activity in the name of Islam is actually having a positive affect on the number of people coming to Christ in Islamic nations. According to Partners International, that’s especially true in North Africa.

For security reasons we’re calling our contact Joseph. Joseph works with Partners International in North Africa. He says, “The number of Christians there has grown significantly in numbers, in some countries like 1000-percent. I’m assuming that most of it is because some Muslims are not happy themselves are not happy with what other Muslims are doing.”

According to Joseph, one-on-one evangelism is about the only way to share their faith. He tells us about a man who wanted to know more about Christ. “He took my friend an hour way into the desert where they could be alone and after a couple of hours of listening the guys said, ‘I want to be a Christian.’ And, like him, there are many.”

With the large number of people turning Christ, are authorities putting pressure on Christians? Joseph says, “Not yet. I believe the authorities are staying away from all this. I believe they don’t want to cause problems with the west by targeting Christians. So, at this point we’re sensing more and more freedom.”

Since these are Muslim countries, being a converted Christian is difficult, especially in your own family. “Imagine you are a mother and a father, you’ve converted, you are now a Christian, but it’s difficult and almost impossible to share this with your children. Obviously your children don’t have the same security concerns, so they are going to talk to their friends. And, I believe that’s the most difficult thing for these parents.”

While one-on-one evangelism is the best way to share their faith, Joseph says those opporunities come through, “Holistic humanitarian activities. So, in a sense we are showing our love and that caries a lot of weight.”

Partners International is doing that by drilling water wells, helping disabled children learn to get around and teaching them a trade, building latrines, and providing literacy training. All of these efforts require prayer and financial support.

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  1. The thing that would bother me if I was a Muslim is why I need my religion guarded by the Government. Wouldn’t that make you wonder if there was some flaw or weakness in what you beleived as a Muslim. Why can i not hear about other religions? Are they worried that when i hear the truth, i will switch. I am hoping the younger generation starts asking that question.

  2. After visiting North Africa and speaking with the people, I strongly believe that majority of Muslims do ask those questions at some point. That is why television and radio stations like Arab World Outreach and TWR receive hundreds of letters each month from people in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia requesting more information about the Bible and Christianity. Unfortunately, what appears to happen is that at these critical points in their lives, the searching Muslim finds little, and in most cases, no personal contact with a genuine Christian. As the Ethiopian eunuch responded to Philip’s question, “Understandest thou what thou readest?” I believe they are telling us, “How can I, except some man should guide me?”

    As I was witnessing to a college aged Muslim named Said in Morocco, he challenged what I had to say by stating, “If Christians really believe this, why don’t they practice what the Bible teaches, and why don’t they think their message is urgent enough to bring it here?”

    If all they know about Christianity is from what they are told by their Imams and watch on television and movies produced by “Christian countries” like the U.S. then why would we expect them to put their physical and social life in jeopardy for another half hearted religion?

    What they need are real men of God who have the guts to guide them in the truth at any cost.

    This is a quote from Tyler Masters!

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