Horrible accident involving Joe, Lisa, and Corey Welch as well as Paul Pritchard!

The following is the letter as I received it and I ask you to be praying. Joe and Lisa Welch were members of Brother Tony Howeth’s church in Valdosta:

Here are the pics of the Hiace (red) and Taxi (white)
It is truly a miracle we all made it out alive.

Look real close at the front of this van and you will see Bro. Pauls shoe at the left side with a yellow box around it.
His foot was in that shoe before they got him out.
This should explain the intensity of his ankle and foot and leg breakage.



This is where Bro. Paul was sitting so you can see how his right sight was messed up


The seat you see with the blood all over it was mine!
I flew over the seat in front of me which was this one
and my face hit the back of the seat, I was actually
sitting in the third row back and ended up hitting the second seat
and then landing on the floor by the sliding door.
Right in front of that seat is Bro. Pauls seat. It folded back and broke.

This is Bro. Pauls foot in traction with the pins. His leg has the same.

This was the taxi, hardly messed up.

Please be in prayer for all involved

7 thoughts on “Horrible accident involving Joe, Lisa, and Corey Welch as well as Paul Pritchard!”

  1. Lisa, Joe, & Corey Welch are all improving from the accident Sunday as are Bro Johnathan Quinn and Bro Russell Snoddy. Lisa is still in a lot of pain but is a lot better than she has been.

    Please have prayer for Bro Paul Pritchard, Jr as he will be leaving Cape Verde, Africa on a medjet with a dr and nurse about 3:00 am Friday morning and arrive in Greenville, SC sometime before lunch. He will be heavily sedated for the flight. He will have surgery as soon as he arrives in SC. Not sure how many more surgeries he may have to endure! Please keep Bro Paul and his family in your prayers. He has a long road to recovery!

    Please continue to pray for Bro Joe, Lisa, Bro Corey, Bro Jonathan and Bro Russell. We give thanks to the Lord for sparing all of their lives!

    Thank you!
    Gloria & Wayne Farmer

  2. I want to ask all of you to keep these dear people in prayer and if you would like to let them know you are praying maybe you could add a comment here to the blog and they will have all of them to read and know. I do want them to know that Vision Baptist Church is praying for them. They are good friends of the Howeths and Betty and I have had the privilege of meeting both Brother Pritchard and even having Joe and Lisa in our home in Peru. They are wonderful men and women of God

  3. Betty just got this letter from Lisa’s parents:

    Thank you so much for your prayers! I called Lisa, Joe & Corey and talked to them for awhile tonight. Lisa is still in a lot of pain but it will just take time to heal a broken rib. Joe will get his stitches taken out tomorrow.
    Love in Christ,
    Gloria & Wayne Farmer

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