Back home!

Well I am back home now and I wanted to just sum up somethings for you from my trip and also your ministries while I was away. God is doing a tremendous job in and through the Bush family in Argentina. I was excited to preach to his church and see the wonderful response of the people. God moved in a great way. I spoke on “How to Fight” as you heard me do in our church. God seemed to use it in a great way. Thank you so much for your prayers.

I want you to pray that God will provide all that is needed for the purchase of their land. Though the Bushs are not members of our church we are one of their largest supporters and they are very special to us. Please continue to mention them in prayer and try to contact them to see how we can better help them.

Then I arrived home to the most wonderful staff in the world. I can’t tell you how much I love the staff that God has given us, Mark, Trent, Mark, Philip, David, Robert, Ronald, Natasha, Mary Angela, and Kelli and I am sure that I am forgetting someone. Plus all of those of you that did so much to carry the church forward while I was gone. I love each of you and thank you. Thanks for the candy bars, the diet mountain dews, the gift card to Red Lobster, the new windshield and all the other things that you or someone else did.

I thank God for the chance to serve Him with you. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night.

I want to tell you now that we are going to start an exciting Sunday School campaign this week and we will be having one of the most exciting times in our church etc. I hope you will not miss.

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