Your invitation to see a few pictures from the work in Argentina

I wanted to invite you to go to a page where you could see some pictures of the ministry here and of the family conference that I have had the privilege of preaching. It is about 1 am and I will sleep, get up and see more of how they might get a church building up and then I will be on my way back home again. I have really enjoyed my time with one of the most precious families in the world but I miss Betty and I miss you at Vision. I will be coming home, Lord willing and see you on Thursday night.

Click here to see the pictures

6 thoughts on “Your invitation to see a few pictures from the work in Argentina”

  1. Are these the pictures of the combined church meeting Sunday night or the weeknight meetings. Wonderful looking group.

  2. Well a visit will be open whenever you desire. I think at this moment we will be traveling to the states and taking our furlough and raising money from this June to January.
    I will shoot some land pictures up on our blog tomorrow (thursday).
    Que Dios les RE-bendiga

  3. Not sure if you got the last comment, but I will have some pictures put on the blog tomorrow.
    You are welcome to visit any time you would like. We will be taking our furlough and raising money for the land from June to January.
    Que Dios les RE-bendiga

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