Introducing John Pearson!

God truly blessed our church with His servant John Pearson. John is actually one of the first movers and shakers in getting our church started. He and I talked often of the work of God and the need for a church like ours. I hope you will enjoy what he has to say as he answers these questions:

How has your philosophy of ministry and whatever you do evolved?

Through successes, failures and breaking moments. I rate things in terms of how critical they are to what I feel is my role and purpose in God’s plan. Some are worth weighing in on, some are worth fighting for and some are hills I am willing to die on. Along with the life experience is the value of the mentors that God has given me. Some are mentors unwillingly and others are mentors on purpose. The trend is always more toward the value of people over things.

2. What does an effective missions ministry look like in a Bible preaching, Christ honoring church?

It is integral, non-competing and influential. It has growth and objectivity. People can see clearly what the ministry is about and know if it is in line with their role and purpose. It will draw from outside the church and then supply other internal ministries as it produces its product. It will foster maturity and draw with its influence.

3. How do you inspire others to see themselves as ministers or servants of the Lord?

Some respond to challenge. It awakens the internal passion and makes them do it just to show you they can. Others respond to encouragement to overcome a poor sense of value to the church. Certainly I have to model what I want to achieve in those I influence. For many, inspiration does not flourish because the basic character building blocks have never been established or tested. I believe that they need to be awakened to character flaws by looking at how they (we) react to things. Those are the red flags. Basic servant-hood seems to be vanishing. Being taught the basics of courtesy and respect for others builds the type of servant lifestyle that awakens easily for Christian service.

4. What most excites you about your ministry?

There is no greater excitement than new excitement that comes with a changed or challenged life. To me, having someone tell me the impact I had on their life is a greater thrill than the biggest of deals. New thoughts and ideas are not as exciting to me as the execution of the tried and true and its affect on people. To watch something work is worth 5 of the best dreams of something that might work. To hear someone I have invested in say how it impacted them is thrilling. To see God’s plan unfold in a way I could never have imagined is worth it all.

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