Introducing God’s choice servants at Vision!

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to the wonderful people that serve God with you at Vision Baptist Church. Holly Pearson works in the children’s Sunday School ministry. Her husband is Andrew Pearson. They are recently and very happily married and bring great joy to this pastor’s heart. I asked some questions so that you could be introduced to them and understand their heart. Holly is a blessing and I know you will be thrilled to get to know her a little better.

1. How has your philosophy of ministry and whatever you do evolved?

I started out just helping someone out in a Sunday School class, now, I’m not just helping someone else to do their job, I am helping to teach young children the Bible, (even if its just singing books of the Bible song with them) and what a joy it is!!!

2. What does an effective missions ministry look like in a Bible preaching, Christ honoring church?

It looks like Vision Baptist Church. A church that takes the time to not just learn the facts on a prayer card, but goes the extra mile to KNOW the missionary, and keep current tabs with them. To learn what they need, and how to pray specifically for them.

3. How do you inspire others to see themselves as ministers or servants of the Lord?

In our Sunday School Class, even though they are very young, we have encouraged the kids to participate in things such as taking the offering (giving to the offering as well), leading in prayer and much more that they will need to learn as they grow older, and are able to participate in church ministries.

4. What most excites you about your ministry?

When Emilee Coffey can go home with her parents, and tell them that God created the sun and the moon on the fourth day of creation. Or when the children come in to class on Sunday morning eager to recite the Bible verse they have put to memory. OR when you can ask 4 to 7 year olds who the missionary of the week was last week and they can not only tell you who, but where they are going, and what they are doing; and they don’t just remember it for one week, they really do put it to memory!!!

Say hi to Holly this next service and thank her and encourage her in her ministry to your children and to the Lord Jesus Christ!

-Holly P.

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