Introducing David Lundy!

God blessed our church greatly with a family that has a great heart to reach souls and evangelize the world. The Lundys are in charge of our children’s ministry. I want you to know their hearts and so here comes David’s answers to the same questions:

1. How has your philosophy of ministry and whatever you do evolved?

I started out as a fill in Sunday School teacher at my former church. It was recommended to the pastor that I take the 10-12 year old Sunday School class one year later. Anne and I accepted and taught the class for almost 5 years, having the time of our lives. During that time, Anne and I were involved with the Children’s Ministry at the same church. During this time, we helped teach 7-12 year olds how to witness, to lead some one to the Lord, visitation and reading schedules. We had no one to show us how to do and teach these kids these tools, but we had fun in the process through trial and error. The reality is God was guiding the whole time, now that I look back. During a visit during Vacation Bible School last summer, two of the young guys that were in our Sunday School class and children’s church, were involved in leading a couple of young people to the Lord that evening. It was a great joy seeing them apply what they had been taught after a year and half had past. Makes you realize that kids are listening even though it looks they are not sometimes. Since then, God has led us to Vision Baptist Church to lead and director the Children’s Ministry called Faith Friends. We are able to apply and grow on the things that God has already blessed us with, to guide, lead, teach, and equip the adults of tomorrow to be what God already has planned for them.

2. What does an effective missions ministry look like in a Bible preaching, Christ honoring church

The atmosphere means a lot. When members and visitors walk in, they should know where the church stands and what is most important.

3. How do you inspire others to see themselves as ministers or servants of the Lord

Encouragement and let them know how important and inspiring each one is.

4. What most excites you about your ministry?

Watching the Lord bless us though we are so undeserving. When Faith Friends started out, we had 5. During the past Celebration Sunday, we had over 50. Considering Faith Friends has been a ministry for just a little over a year, God has been so good to me.

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