Great News from Morocco!

I got a phone call from one of our dear friends in Morocco yesterday and it was so exciting that I have to share it with you. He had the privilege of seeing a young Muslim man come to know Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. That is exactly what we have prayed for and asked God for. The Lord Jesus Christ has claimed a soul for Himself in that land. Our friend traveled the length and breadth of our country raising support. You are supporting his family through your faith promise mission’s offering. If you attend out church you should know who I am talking about. Thank and praise God with him and continue to do your part praying and giving to get the gospel to the world.

4 thoughts on “Great News from Morocco!”

  1. There is no way to express how great a thing this is. When the support was being raised and the miles being traveled, God already knew this day was coming. The wealth of testimonies that are birthed in Faith Promise just increased.


  2. Not only that but maybe we can see this as a confirmation for some young men risking all to change countries to reach a people that were not being reached and in such desperate need of the gospel.

  3. Wouldnt it be incredible if God has been waiting for someone to take that risk in order to start something that He has been working in their hearts for a while. It might even start a trend of men that want to go and be part of it. Maybe this is a Jericho.

  4. I pray that God raises up an army to go to these places and literally shakes the Muslim world with the good news of forgiveness, salvation and eternal life that is found in Jesus Christ.

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