What a great day!

We are so blessed to have men like Trent Cornwell, Philip Bassham, John Pearson, Mark Coffey, and Chris Fies in our church. Chris, thank you so much for doing such a good job leading singing. I am grateful to God to have you in our church.

I thank God for the way Philip preached tonight. I have heard only good reports and will listen to both messages before I go to bed.

We also had a great day here in Argentina. I am very proud of the Bushs and the work God is doing through them.

Do you realize how blessed we are to have such a good staff at Vision. I thank God for every man and woman that is working at our church. I praise God for the way you so faithfully attend the church and fulfill your responsibilities. God has given us a wonderful church.

I will see you on Thursday night, Lord willing and I can’t wait!

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