Trent Cornwell Congratulations

All I have heard so far today is how great a job Trent Cornwell did at our church. I am so very proud of him. I can’t wait to hear the message myself via the pod-cast.

I was very blessed to hear that we had 87 and 106 in church with just under $4,000 for the offering. Our God is so good and I thank Him from the bottom of my heart. There were 17 in the Business Seminar class and 17 in Faith Friends which is our children’s ministry. I am so grateful to God for what He is doing in and through all of you.

Trent, it gives me great pleasure to hear all the good news. I am so very proud of you and know that there are more and more capable hands to leave the church in when I have to travel.

I look forward to hearing what God is going to do to night through Philip Bassham.

2 thoughts on “Trent Cornwell Congratulations”

  1. The quote of the day goes to Trent Cornwell who was greatly used by God during his message on forgiveness. He said that “unforgiveness is the poison I drink while hoping the other person, who I won’t forgive, dies.” I encourage anyone who did not attend the service to get a copy of this message. Unforgiveness, as Trent said this morning, is a prison. Pray for Philip for tonight. The bar is set real high for the day.


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