Wonderful host and hostess

As always when I visit the different missionaries I find some of the greatest ladies and gentlemen on the planet. Mindy and Jeff have a wonderful marriage with 3 beautiful little girls. I could be no prouder of them than I am. The church is full of life and excitement. The people get there early and never want to leave. Men and women are being changed, trained, and used for the kingdom and honor of God.

I am staying in the Bush’s home. It is a beautiful place and God has blessed them and I am so grateful for what God has done for them. Mindy is a wonderful hostess. She thinks ahead of every need and meets it before you know that you have the need. Jeff has always been one of those very special men that everyone knows and loves. I thank God for the Bushs.

We can be thankful to God that we are allowed to support the Bush family. God is rewarding us and will continue to reward us. This is what your faith promise money does. We are one of their largest supporters. You make a difference in their lives and ministry with what you are giving by faith.

I hope you will make plans to come and visit the Bush family some day and see for yourself what God is doing here. Thanks for praying for missionaries, thanks for giving to help them, thanks for helping to train future missionaries, thanks for all you are doing for the cause of Christ and His kingdom.

It is a blessing to be here in the home of Jeff and Mindy. I feel as at home as I can be without being with Betty in our own house. Thank you for being the kind of church that cares enough to send me to visit our missionaries. God bless you.

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