Looking for God’s blessings

I am in La Plata, Argentina with missionary Jeff Bush. God is really blessing and moving here and I am excited now about what God will do there at Vision with each of you.

In the morning Trent Cornwell will be preaching on the Two Debtors. I am already being allowed to see what God is doing in his heart and it is looking very good. Very few young men have been so touched and blessed as Trent. He is a tremendous man of God. I know of very few like him anywhere in the world. He is consumed with a love for God and a love for His causes and Kingdom. I challenge each of you to be there and to bring visitors to the service. It will be different but it will be as good or better than usual. I hope you will prove your love for God, His kingdom, and for His man, Trent by being in your place and bringing people to be with you.

Tomorrow night we will hear from Philip Bassham. I can’t tell you how much I love and appreciate Philip. He is truly a man of God with God’s great power on His life. He too is consumed with God and His greatness. I challenge you to be in your place and to bring some visitors. You will not be disappointed.

I can’t wait until tomorrow afternoon when I will listen to both of these messages via the pod casts. I know that God is going to work tomorrow. If we are going to reach the world we must pull together. We must show our maturity and not be like other churches. Many churches would see a great difference if the Senor Pastor were to be absence but I know that you are not regular people and that you will be in your place and carrying more of the load than on a normal day. I love you guys and I am praying for you.

I ask you to please pray for me also. I want God to use me to be a blessing to His people here.

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