Tony Howeth, a preaching man

I just got a letter about Brother Tony Howeth and thought you would like to hear how God is using him.

We just finished four nights of true revival meetings. Bro. Tony Howeth did some of the best preaching I have ever seen for a church revival.
Sunday night he preached on Hamaan’s Noose and asked are you hanging yourself ?
Monday night he preached on John 21 and emphasized loving Christ “More than these…” It was the best message I have ever heard on John 21.
Tuesday night he preached on “Stirred but not Changed!” Tonight though, we were changed.
Wednesday night he preached to the youth, (we had about 60 teens) on 2 Samuel 13 (Amnon & Tamar) and preached about Sexual Sin.
He challenged the youth to do five things from this chapter:
1. Know the difference from love & lust.
2. Control your thinking.
3. Lose the wrong friends.
4. Do what the Bible says.
5. Be Accountable.
Tony Howeth is one of the best preachers you could have for any meeting from missions, to church revival to youth meetings. He will be back to Lighthouse again & again.

I guess you’re wondering. Since he preached so hard, were your people offended?
The last night we had four saved and he got twice as large a love offering as did a famous preacher that preached for us recently.

Draw your own conclusions. I’m praising God.

Bro. Charles.

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