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I am going to be helping personally. I really do not have much to give but i know that this is a worthy cause. I hope you will pray about being one of Gideon’s mighty men to get this project done. The first problem is to pay off the land. The next is to get a small temporary building up. Please pray for Jeff and Mindy!
Gideon’s 300 List!

If you remember the story well, Gideon was about to go to war and thousands of soldiers were with him, but God would not let him go. After narrowing the number down and making Gideon nervous, God told Gideon that with only 300 men He was going to do a mighty work.
We would like to present the opportunity to be one of these 300 individuals to have a part in a Mighty Work that God is about to do. If 300 individuals would give $300, the money quickly could be raised for the land and construction. You and your church may be able to give much more, but if only 300 individuals could stand and take action in the Gideons list, God could do a Mighty Work.
If you are interested in helping, please write us at so that we can announce how many are on Gideons Men.
Here to Serve,
Jeff Bush

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