World Vision Celebration

Mark your calendar now for the World Vision Celebration, March 25-29, 2007. It will be an exciting time. We will have regular services on Sunday March 25th. I hope you are already a regular in Sunday School. Sunday School is where you can get to know each other well and learn the Bible in a very comfortable and informal setting.

I love our couples class. The guys and girls are a blast and if you are missing Sunday School you are missing a blessing.

We will be together then at 9:30 for Sunday School, the at 10:30 in the morning and then our regular service time for the evening service at 6 pm.

We will learn how we can all be involved through Faith Promise giving but much more important than that we will get a report from all of our missionaries via the men and women that serve on the World Evangelism Committtee.

Monday through Wednesday we will meet at 7:15 and then on Thursday we will get together at 6:45 for our banquet and service. Mark your calendar. You will not want to miss this very God blessed time.

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