What a beautiful day!

God truly blessed in ways that I can only stand in amazement.  You did such a good job.  We had 136 in Sunday School, 189 in the AM service, for the singing and those who came late we actually broke 200 and then in the afternoon and last service of the day we had 102.  The offering was just a bit over $1,700.  So in every way God blessed.

There were 51 children in the Faith Friends or children’s ministry that is headed up by David and Ann Lundy.  There were 40 in the Spanish church led by Ronald and Asunta Tubillas and over 100 in the auditorium English service.

I praise the Lord that He has been so good to us!  You worked so hard.  It was good to see you bring your friends and neighbors.  All I can say is “What an awesome God we serve!”  What a privilege and blessing Betty and I have to work with you!

God gave us a most beautiful day with over 70 degree sunny skies, absolutely gorgeous. We had several sick and out and still it was fantastic.

Now to the work, this Thursday night we have to get on the work for Easter Sunday and this coming Sunday.  I started a series today on “The Greatest Stories Ever Told!, Life Lessons from the Parables of Jesus.  For the next three weeks we will continue with this series.  Today was the story of the Prodigal Son, next Sunday morning we will learn from the story of the Two Debtors, the next week it will be The Rich man and Lazarus and then on Palm Sunday we will look at the Good Samaritan.  I hope that you will commit now not to miss any of these messages.

Of course on Thursday nights and Sunday nights we are in the book of Judges going verse by verse to learn what God has for us.  Don’t miss it!

Will you begin planning now for the next big things on our church calendar:

Our World Vision Celebration where we learn more about reaching the world with the gospel message will be the last week of this month.

Then Easter Sunday will be the next week and everyone ought to be in church, so begin now inviting your friends to come and be with us.

Then we will have Friend Day and be going to the park together.  It is all going to be great and you will enjoy it.

Thank you so much for what you did to make today a success.  We love you and are praying for you that God will do great things in your life.

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