Thank you!

Well it is nearly time for bed an hour earlier than normal and I am just sitting here thinking about how much I love the Lord God of Heaven and how thankful I am that He has allowed me to work with you in Vision Baptist Church. We have had a wild ride for the last year. God has been so good to us.

I know that you have been working so hard this week getting everything ready for the big day, our Celebration Sunday, and I thank you and commend you. No pastor could be more blessed than I am. I watched you visiting, praying, building, decorating, giving, and a thousand things that I can’t take the time to mention; but know this, God noticed and so did I.

Thank you for loving God. Thank you for loving others. Thank you for being so kind and open and accepting to every person that comes. I thank God that He has given us such a diverse church. I thank Him every time I think of you, every time I stand to preach and see you sitting there. I just want you to know that I am grateful for the chance to be the pastor of the most wonderful group of people in the world.

No matter what happens tomorrow, whether we have the attendance we want or not, we are going to celebrate. We will celebrate the goodness of God. We will celebrate how He has worked in our lives. We will celebrate how He has influenced world evangelism through you. We will celebrate how He has met every bill and every need that we have had for a year. God is so good. Come prepared to worship and praise the God of Heaven.

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