Philip Bassham reports

I asked Philip to write a report about how God is using him as he travels to different colleges etc.  Here is a report from him and I ask you to be praying especially for him that God would continue to use him.

The last couple of weeks I had the chance to visit and speak in a few Bible colleges in Florida, Minnesota and Wisconsin about missions and, specifically, the ministry in North Africa where Aaron is.

I dont have the exact number right now, but we have had about 25-30 interested in going this summer to visit Morocco for either 2 weeks, 2 months, or even for a year, but pray because there are lots of obstacles that the devil can throw in their way between now and then.  I have been encouraged by what the Lord seems to be doing in raising up laborers to go to Muslim areas of the world from all over this country.  Pray for more.

I still have a few more colleges I will be speaking in in the coming weeks, so I ask that you pray for those, but I wanted you to be informed about how the Lord has been using a missionary in Morocco, a kid in Alpharetta, and a few brochures to get people involved in His purpose.

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